An Ogden man is facing felony charges after he killed a dog and a cat, cut them up and ate their hearts.

On June 7, police were called by the 33-year-old suspect’s girlfriend, who reported he was injured and — she believed — possibly dead. When an officer arrived, he found “large amounts of blood” in the apartment, and a baseball bat “covered in blood.”

According to a probable cause statement, the officer then found a dead dog and a dead cat — which had been disemboweled — in the bathtub. The suspect told police he “chopped up” the animals and “ate their hearts.”

A pathology report showed both animals had “copious amounts of lacerations” inflicted after they were killed. And, according to charging documents, the suspected told police “he inflicted the injuries to the animals and ate portions of their internal organs.”

(A day earlier, police were called to the same apartment after the suspect cut off his finger. He was believed to have a handgun in his possession, and officers left after the suspect refused to speak with them or leave the residence.)

As of Wednesday morning, the suspect has not been arrested. According to police, the man is transient and has been “reported hiding in the woods.”

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