• Kate Beckinsale’s cats Clive and Willow steal the show in her Instagram videos.
  • They’ve been spending a lot of time together during lockdown.
  • The star has styled Clive’s fur like a hairdresser and danced around while he wears a flower crown.
  • People can’t get enough of his grumpy expression and endless patience with his mom.
  • Author Elizabeth May shared the videos on Twitter, saying Clive’s expression while being pampered says: “I love this, and I’m furious about that.”
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Kate Beckinsale and her cats Clive and Willow are hanging out a lot right now. The actress has been spending lockdown at her home in LA with her cats and Pomeranian Myf.

People can’t get enough of the cats’ expressions. Author Elizabeth May said the videos “with her very patient, grumpy looking cat” was one of her favorite things on Instagram, and shared them to Twitter.

“Like, every video with Kate Beckinsale’s cat has this expression like, ‘I love this, and I’m furious about that,'” she said.

In one Instagram video, Beckinsale dances around her kitchen island while Clive reluctantly, but tolerantly, wears a flower crown.

“Why is this so relatable?” commented activist and model Rain Dove.

“Look at that face!” added a fan. “He’s plotting his revenge haha.”

In another, Beckinsale is styling his fur as if he’d walked into a hairdressing salon. She makes some hairdresser chit-chat like asking him where he’s going on his holidays (answer: to the back garden).

“We also offer waxing, threading, eyebrow grooming and anal bleaching, which, I hope you don’t mind me saying, I’d recommend for you just because I so often see you from the back,” she said while pretending to give Clive a trim. “No? Well, maybe next time.”

“This is genius,” one fan commented on Instagram. “I’m literally laughing so hard I had to run to the bathroom to pee before I wet myself.”

“Kate, why is he so calm?” another asked. “My cat doesn’t let me comb my hair, let alone cut it!”

Willow has made more low-key appearances — sleeping on Beckinsale’s groceries.

“She’s stockpiling bananas and potatoes,” Beckinsale wrote.

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