6 Animals Being Eaten to Extinction in China


1. Tigers

It is associate degree secret that Guangdong’s underground markets sell tiger meat. In 2007, 3 live tigers were saved by the authorities once they were ready to stop a truck that was importing tigers into the province. 3 years later, in another instance of importing, police discovered tiger bones and fur within the back of a vehicle.

“Tiger Feasts” area unit allegedly widespread among corrupt governing body and elite businessmen United Nations agency see eating on tiger meat as some way to show their wealth to different Chinese elite and impress their connections and shoppers. skilled butchers area unit employed to slaughter the animal for the diners’ delectation, so package any remains purchasable on the black market.

After revelers watch the killing, they derive pleasure delicacies like tiger cut and ginger-infused tiger phallus soup. Tiger bone wine is served as associate degree elite indulgence in China.
Other tiger elements are utilized in ancient Chinese medication. as an example, ancient Chinese doctors dictate tiger eyeballs, bones, and different body elements to treat sicknesses starting from impotence to poor vision.

In 2009, what’s thought to be the last wild Indochinese tiger in China was killed and ingested. the person accountable was sentenced to twelve years in jail.

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