A Journey Into the Animal Mind


amid the human crush of Delhi, on the sting of a medieval bazaar, a red structure with cages on its roof rises 3 stories on top of the labyrinth of neon-lit stalls and slender alleyways, its prime floor emblazoned with 2 words: birds hospital.

On a hot day last spring, I removed my shoes at the hospital’s entrance and walked up to the second-floor lobby, wherever a clerk in his late 20s was processed patients. Associate in Nursing older lady placed a shoebox before him and raised off its lid, revealing a bloody white parrot, the victim of a cat attack. the person ahead of the American state in-line control, during a tiny cage, a dove that had collided with a glass tower within the money district. a woman no older than seven came in behind American state clutching, in her blank hands, a white hen with an unerect neck.

The hospital’s main ward may be a slender, 40-foot-long area with cages stacked four high on the walls and fans on the ceiling, their blades lined with grates, lest they ensnare a flapping wing. I strolled the room’s length, conducting a rough census. several of the cages looked empty initially, however leaning nearer, I’d realize a bird, typically a columbiform bird, sitting back within the gloom.
The youngest of the hospital’s vets, Dheeraj Kumar Singh, was creating his rounds in jeans and a surgical mask. The oldest vet here has worked the night shift for quite 1 / 4 century, defrayal tens of thousands of hours removing tumors from birds, easing their pain with medication, administering antibiotics. Singh may be a greenhorn, by comparison, however, you wouldn’t comprehend it from the means he inspects a columbiform bird, flipping it over in his hands, quickly however gently, the means you would possibly handle your wireless telephone. As we have a tendency to talked, he motioned to Associate in Nursing assistant, United Nations agency bimanual him a nylon bandage that he stretched double round the pigeon’s wing, setting it with Associate in Nursing tough pop.

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