All Right. Some Cats Do Fetch


A tongue-in-cheek headline scrutiny the winning skills of cats and dogs discovered a truth illustrious by incalculable cat owners: Some cats do fetch.
“Cats do not Fetch, however, understand Their Names yet As Dogs, Researchers Say,” the initial headline declared. This did not sit well with some readers.
“In what world do cats not fetch?” Kate Haffey commented on Facebook.

“Artemis is aware of her name and fetches,” Brandi Whitson same on Twitter. “She’s obsessed.”
“My cat fetches, however only if he needs to,” commented Charlie Whelan. “Which is why I favor cats.”
So if cats will fetch, why have they attained such a name for recalcitrancy, particularly compared with dogs?
“The success of dogs is made around their ability to please folks — this can be however they get their food and shelter,” Jeff Podos, Associate in Nursing animal behavior specialist at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, told NPR. “This is what dogs are all regarding. The additional they please their homeowners, the additional advantage they gain. Whereas cats simply do not have this same imperative.”
Yet in their natural, wild state, “cats are literally in all probability additional susceptible to winning things, and delivery things to you, then dogs,” same Andrea Tu, medical director at Behavior Vets in big apple town. accept those who get across to visualize that their cat has brought a half-eaten gift, she said. within the wild, delivery things back to the den — the natural-world corresponding to a game of fetch — is natural behavior for cats. Not such a lot for wild dogs.

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