Did you know why There are no winners in the elephant tourism industry !!?


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We know elephants square measure suffering at tourer attractions. however, our new analysis reveals that their trainers and keepers– known as mahouts – are losing out too

‘A driver is AN elephant rider, trainer, or keeper. Usually, a driver starts as a boy within the family profession once he’s allotted AN elephant early in its life. they continue to be secure to every alternative throughout their lives’.

That’s Wikipedia’s definition of a driver, and one which can chime with several tourists World Health Organization have a romantic vision of mahouts and their relationship with elephants. But sadly, the truth within the elephant touristry business is incredibly completely different.

Our new analysis meted out with the Department of social science and social science at Chiang Mai University in the Asian nation shows the idealistic, usually, command perception of mahouts is sort of far away from the reality.

The study is that the initial comprehensive analysis of the socioeconomic scenario of mahouts across the Asian nation.

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