Did you know why There are no winners in the elephant tourism industry !!?


With a growing touristry business and demand for elephant recreation, typically at venues with uncountable guests, the standard role of mahouts is being progressively confiscated by regular laborers, World Health Organization lack sufficient skills and coaching.

That’s to not say mahouts within the ancient sense don’t exist – they are doing, and that I witnessed them myself on a recent trip to the Asian nation. however, they’re the exception, not the rule.

The reality is several mahouts take it up as a result of they can not notice different employment or believe it’ll be a simple job.

And far from being ‘bonded to every different throughout their lives’, several of the elephants suffering for recreation can have four or a lot of completely different mahouts on their back throughout a period.

High-risk for elephants and mahouts

While elephants suffer in poor living conditions, being forced to hold individuals on their backs, mahouts square measure experiencing low get hold of a speculative job, with several suffering injuries and having very little money security.

The lack of comprehensive coaching for mahouts puts each mahout and therefore the tourists interacting with elephants below their direction at serious risk of injury too.

As well because the animal welfare issues, the danger of injury to individuals are a few things the travel business ought to be taking very seriously.

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