Firefighters rescue 46 dogs & 2 cats at NYC kennel after fire breaks out


It was the cutest rescue in FDNY history.

Firefighters reclaimed forty-six precious very little dogs and a pair of lovable cats to safety Tues when noon after a smoldering fireplace within associate degree air conduct unfold thick smoke into associate degree higher side kennel.

The blaze stone-broke out some minutes when one p.m. within the Yankee Kennel’s outlet on Lexington Ave. near E. 62nd St., the FDNY aforementioned.

Arriving firefighters found serious smoke and elevated greenhouse gas levels and aided store staff in removing the charming very little critters from the shop for his or her safety.

Anna Radz, 41, WHO referred to as 911 and took video of the puppies within the store’s front window, damned the store’s manager and workers for not evacuating the dogs because of the building stuffed with smoke.

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