Food Giant Kellogg’s End Animal Testing After 65 Years


Food big Kellogg’s have united to finish their use of animals in ‘harmful and deadly’ tests for food merchandise or ingredients, placing an influence animal rights organization PETA.

The Will Keith Kellog Company, United Nations agency tested on animals for sixty-five years, was 1st urged by PETA U.S.A. to prevent conducting and funding experiments on animals in 2007.

Kellogg’s pledged to reduce and limit the scope of its tests on animals, however, their new international policy, that has been recently finalized, prohibits conducting, funding, supporting, and condoning animal tests.

‘Cruel and deadly tests’
Vice President of PETA U.S.A., Shalin Gala, said: “The international food business is recognizing that no selling claim will presumably excuse force-feeding, poisoning, dyspnea, and killing mild rats in cruel and deadly tests.

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