Go vegan because of mass exploitation, not because eating animals is wrong


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With vegetarianism on the increase and full market aisles currently dedicated to green goods and vegan food ranges, it’s an honest time to think about what motivates individuals to travel vegetarian.

There area unit several reasons why individuals attempt to cut animal product from their diet, however the negative health effects of excessive meat and dairy farm consumption and therefore the huge environmental impacts of business agriculture area unit common ones.

However, the suffering of billions of animals every year in industrial plant farming, spoken in a very 2015 Guardian article jointly of the “worst crimes in history”, is that the most powerful motivation for several, as well as myself.

Refraining from one thing that causes most hurt and suffering is commendable, however, there’s one argument often employed in vegetarian and animal rights campaigns that warrant nearer attention – the concept that overwhelming different creatures are virtuously wrong in its title.

Such views area unit usually bolstered by powerful ethical arguments framing animals as subjects of a life, ready to expertise pain, and as leaders of advanced emotional lives.

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