Monster Throws Eight Newborn Puppies Out Car Window


Harris County Animal Cruelty Investigators received a decision from an involved subject that witnessed eight puppies being thrown from a window. Animal Cruelty Investigator Michael Allan hurried to the scene to rescue the puppies.

When he arrived he found eight cold and starving puppies during a black garbage bag on the aspect of the road. He told KHOU eleven, “And you see a bit black bag within the distance and you hope that’s not it. Then, the flip-flop is you hope they’re alive.”

The puppies were newborns and had not even opened their eyes, however. Sadly, one didn’t create it. the planet has not been terribly hospitable to the limited pups, however, that was getting ready to modification.
Allan took the puppies back to Harris County Animal Shelter for treatment. All were bottle-fed and cuddled in heat blankets by the workers.

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