Tattooed Bikers Confront Abusive Pet Owners to Rescue Desperate Animals


Of course, the cluster of rescuers from Long Island, New York, operates absolutely among the boundaries of the law. Rescue Ink started as a legal, non-profit organization before launching into thought media. Some members have had past run-ins with the law; some are youth subculture, ex-bodybuilders, or powerlifting champs, whereas others are ex-military, detectives, or lawyers. wherever once the organization was all obsessed with donations, they eventually had their own reality TV show.

The hardcore animal lovers get calls on a day after day and traumatize the foremost wicked things 1st. they begin by investigation the alleged animal abuse cases. they need encountered dog fighting organizers, breeders, an offender UN agency tried to poison homeless cats close to his home, and even a serial cat killer from out of state. If they are available across non-animal-abuse-related criminals, they don’t get involved; they decision the police.
According to the cluster, animal abusers are usually insecure, ruthless, and impulsive folks, typically because of relationship or home issues. and also the sadistic behavior solely escalates from there; it starts with animals and results in the abuse of youngsters, women, or the aged. Once an offender thinks they will go away with one thing, they don’t worry penalty.

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