Women Sleep Better Next To A Dog Than A Man, Study Finds


Speaking to broadly speaking, the aforementioned the ‘keyword here is perception, this [study relies on] people self-reporting however they feel their sleep is affected’ and it’s ‘important to notice that this can be supported aggregate information and a median of responses, therefore obtaining a dog will not solve everyone’s sleep problems’.

Suppose that produces sense, after all, some dogs snore and wish to induce up for a piss within the middle of the night, rather like men. and sharing a bed with a Saint Bernard is hardly attending to be an equivalent as cozying up next to a spitz or one thing.

Still, the dog is hardly gonna barge in at 3 am stinking of booze is it?

Dr. Hoffman aforementioned she hopes to review the impact of dogs on the sleep of men within the future, however within the in the meantime, feels like the blokes got to get on the lounge.

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